Let's Face it...Drugs Aren't Mentioned in the Constitution

But they're dangerous Mr. Miller! They ripped apart my family and sent my family member to prison! Drug dealers should be shot on sight!

It's not the government's job to keep you from doing dumb things. There are plenty of hard working Americans that set the standard of excellence at their workplace and in their community that just want to go home and smoke some cannabis then wake up in the morning and snort a line of cocaine but you would never guess it. We don't blame alcohol for someone driving drunk or beating their spouse so why would we blame pot, caffeine, cocaine, Tylenol, or heroine for the crimes that free individuals commit?

Wait...why did you include caffeine and Tylenol in that list?

Because they're drugs just like any other "drug"

Yeah...but...we were talking about dangerous drugs

According to official reports there were over 400 deaths from Tylenol abuse and exactly 0 deaths from Cannabis abuse

That's not true! You're lying!

Check the references below. I provide no knowingly false information to anyone that asks. Besides, the Constitution is what authorizes actions taken by the federal government and the Constitution does not mention drugs in any capacity. But, there's a crazy thing called the Bill of Rights and on that crazy thing called the Bill of Rights there is two amendments to take note of, the 9th amendment and the 10th amendment

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