Record Number of Americans Renounce Citizenship!

Why? Because taxes are becoming so politicized and complicated they can't take it and leave. H&R Block had to create a super computer just to deal with them. Because even moving to another country doesn't exclude you from having to pay the excruciatingly high income tax. Because in the eyes of the government you are merely a slave meant to work your butt off to fund the political agendas of politicians. What we need is a fairer tax code that doesn't penalize hard work and frugality. I present the FairTax...

The basics of the FairTax are;

1- It would eliminate payroll taxes (taxes that are taken out of your paycheck before you get the money you worked for)

2- Force the repeal of the 16th amendment (authorizing congress to levy income taxes) within 7 years or the FairTax bill will expire

3- Abolish the IRS and use state sales tax offices to handle the tax collection (they do it already...and the IRS costs us $11B per year to take our money)

4- Impose initially a 30% sales tax on new goods (used goods, loans, investments, etc are not taxed and the 30% is both variable and equal to the tax rate we currently pay for income tax)

5- Issue a monthly "prebate" check to every household in america to cover the total cost of the sales tax for poverty level citizens (look up the poverty dollar amount according to the size of your household then take that dollar amount times .3 then divide it by 12 to find out your monthly "prebate" amount under the FairTax plan)


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