I may be a veteran but that doesn't mean I support the inefficient practices of today's military

There are a few things I would like to see happen with our military that I believe would make us safer and more effective as a superpower in the world.

1- Reduce the number of troops by one-third through stricter standards enforcement and more selective enlistment practices

2- Increase pay for lower enlisted

3- Reduce the number of military installations on foreign soil (no set amount just a good faith effort to consolidate resources into more efficient installations reducing cash flow to foreign countries)

4- Eliminate mass purchasing contracts in favor of unit level purchases

5- Forbid military intervention on foreign soil unless American lives are at stake and diplomacy is not an option. In the event we were to use military force on foreign lands we would act quickly, decisively, and with the intent to accomplish a clear purpose determined before the invasion.

6- Work with generals to facilitate a more mature military and eliminate the need for so many "babysitting lists"

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